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How we organize ourselves

Publicado por: Avalon School
Fecha: junio 14, 2017


Our fifth Inquiry Unit How we organize ourselves helps us understand the structure and function of organizations and how it is that decision making and creation of coexistence agreements have repercussions on social groups.

To work on this, Tigers and Lions groups organized a football tournament where each of the students must play a fundamental role: coaches, referees, players, team leaders, and cheerleaders, in which they had to work together creating agreements like tournament rules and training.

But what should they take into consideration to generate agreements?

Although specific skills (such as physical and technical skills of soccer and cheerleading) are important, so are human competences or values that each participant must have.

Taking IB profile and attitudes into consideration, students decide which attributes must each person has. For example they concluded that the referee must be: principled, reflective, honest, respectful, caring and open-minded.

After this, we organized student into teams; playing their role, the students generated agreements that they must follow in their training and the tournament.

Through all this, we are helping students develop transdisciplinary skills (social, self-management, communication, thinking, research) and attitudes which are important for life.